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Welcome to the Smile Gallery

The before and after photos show some of the work carried out by Dr. Eugene Khoo right here at Platinum Smile. If you see something you like or if you’re just looking for a dentist in Mandurah, give the clinic a call!

Meet Sally. Sally is a lovely 43 year old lady that for years neglected her teeth, putting her family needs ahead of her own. Also she was terrified of the idea of sitting in the dentist chair. But just after a few appointments and gentle reassurance, we manage to transform her smile with porcelain crowns and bridges. Now she has a beautiful smile to match her bubbly personality!!

Meet Nikki. Nikki wasn’t happy with the look for her front teeth for years but wasn’t ready to invest in expensive treatment. So after careful discussion with Dr. Eugene, four resin veneers were placed to change the shape of her four front teeth. These were all done in a single appointment and best of all not a single needle was needed!!

Harold is in his 70s, he is a singer and still performs routinely. He started to notice that his front teeth were looking worn and chipped. He had them filled previously but it didn't last long and was seeking a more long term solution. Harold worried about loosing his teeth, wearing a denture and not being able to sing with false teeth. We rebuild his teeth with porcelain crowns to restore his size and height of his original smile. He is still singing today!

Male in his 70s was concerned with the chipping and worn look of his two front teeth. Two porcelain crowns were placed to improve the look and strength of his teeth.

Female in her 60s, had cosmetic work done overseas which unfortunately was starting to look worst for wear. We rejuvenated her smile with 7 plastic veneers.

Female in her mid 40s, has never liked the look of her smile, but now the teeth were chipping and turning yellow. She had 6 veneers placed on her front teeth to reshape, whiten and close the gaps.

Now for the fine print, dentistry can involve invasive procedures, Dr. Eugene encourages all his patients to consider their treatment options carefully and seek a second option where necessary. These photo show example cases only, treatment options and result will vary with patients.

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